Choose among many types and thicknesses of metals for the production of your metal nameplates. We can offer you printing and marking solutions for serial numbers, which can be adapted to your specific needs.
UL / CSA / Intertek / Omni
We work in close collaboration with regulatory organizations to print nameplates to their standards.

Etching / Engraving
Etching is the process of using a mordant to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface to create a design that is engraved into the metal. This process assures the most durable nameplate on the market.
This technology consists in sealing images in aluminum nameplates. This process complies with all applicable civil, governmental, and military specifications. We have achieved Certified Metalphoto Converter status for our expertise in Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum.
Serial numbers / Barcodes
Are serial numbers and barcodes necessary to follow and tag your products? We offer the most effective solution for you.
Laser marking
Laser marking and post printing. Are you looking for a permanent printing solution to be done directly on your parts or your metal cases? Deliver them to us: we will handle them with the greatest care and will return them to you printed and within your deadlines.
Machining / Metal boxes
We produce “rack mount” type panels, panels for video-monitoring devices, and connector plates, as well as metal casings and accessories. Since we are specialized in the cutting of aluminum and we also cut stainless steel, these products are customized with a variety of finishes and engraving options.
Commemorative plaques
Here’s the opportunity to customize and forever etch moments in our memory by casting history in bronze. A wonderful way to long remember the events and the people who make up our history and who are our pride and joy.