Custom Commemorative Plaques, Tributes And Wall Honors

Mark important dates, pay tribute to exceptional people and inaugurate your spaces with high-quality commemorative wall plaques.

Why Order Your Honorary Plaques From Idenco?

Decalques et etiquettes Durable


Our plates have been tested and approved for outdoor use and will withstand years of weathering.

Prototypage Verification esthetique


The different combinations of metals and finishes available allow us to manufacture plates that match your tastes and complement your buildings.

Decalques et etiquettes Options personnalisees


You can decide on the size, shape, finish and mounting method of your personalized commemorative plaques.

Available Materials For Commemorative Plaques

We offer the most elegant and resistant materials and finishes on the market.



This silver-finish metal is lightweight, easy to maintain and corrosion-resistant.



This highly resistant metal with its more antique finish is a classic for honorary plaques.

Laiton 1


This particular alloy has a yellow hue and is known for its malleability and corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

This clear steel is renowned for its impact resistance and weather resistance.

The Most Common Locations For Commemorative Plaques

Inaugurate a building, pay tribute to a member of your organization or mark a recognition by installing a commemorative plaque on your building.

  • Parks
  • Town halls
  • Libraries
  • Fire Stations
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Universities

Our Manufacturing Methods

We offer multiple production methods to meet your project requirements and budget.


Screen Printing

For a colorful honorary plaque, opt for screen printing on the metal of your choice.

Metalphoto 2


For a relief-free commemorative plaque guaranteed for life, choose Metalphoto®.

Gravure laser ou chimique

Laser Or Chemical Engraving

Prefer a hollowed-out text? Engraving is the ideal option for you.



Treat yourself to a text, emblem or logo embossed on a personalized aluminum or bronze commemorative plaque.

Hanging Systems Available From Idenco

Tiges 1


Conceal your hanging method with custom-made rods on the back of your plate. An installation template will be supplied to guide you during installation.


Customized Holes

You can choose the size and location of the holes on your honorary plaque, to suit your installation parameters.