Custom Industrial Metal Marking And Engraving

We offer several durable solutions for marking and engraving information on your industrial nameplates in aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

Permanent Marking Advantages For Your Industrial Identification

Does your industry pose many challenges to the identification of your equipment due to harsh environments? Idenco has the solution!

Serigraphie sur metal Precision


Our high-performance equipment enables us to engrave and mark clear, precise information, even for very small texts.

Decalques et etiquettes Durable


Our permanent marking processes give your identification unrivaled resistance to weathering and UV rays, and stand up to harsh environments and frequent use.

Decalques et etiquettes Options personnalisees

Custom Solutions

Our team of experts offers you customized solutions, adapted to your reality and your products.

Our Different Types Of Metal Engraving And Marking

We’ll suggest the right engraving methods for your products, materials and budget!

Gravure et marquage

Laser Marking

This ultra-fast marking method adds a layer of high-tech powder that fuses with the metal to leave a precise, resistant black surface marking.

Gravure chimique


This indestructible, highly precise engraving allows you to engrave in relief or recess. We offer the option of adding color to your plates after engraving.

Gravure rotative

Rotary Engraving (CNC)

Traditional rotary engraving cuts deep into the metal. Ideal for projects requiring less precision, you’ll have the option of adding a color fill.

Order Your Custom Industrial Nameplates From Idenco!

We are the #1 choice of Canada’s largest aerospace, agricultural and medical manufacturers for the supply of industrial identification!

The Metals We Engrave

We offer a variety of metals suitable for the manufacturing environment in a wide range of thicknesses.

Aluminium anodise

Anodized Aluminum

Its surface is resistant to high temperatures, weather, corrosion, scratches and fingerprints, making it tough, easy to maintain and long-lasting.


Stainless Steel

This steel is extremely resistant to corrosion and weathering. It is also renowned for its impressive shock resistance.



This yellow alloy is an easy-to-machine malleable material renowned for its resistance to corrosion.

We Also Offer A Plastic Engraving Service!

Need plastic nameplates? Idenco also offers laser engraving on Gravoply® and Lamicoïd® in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses.

Service de gravure sur plastique

Industries That Benefit From Our Laser Engraving And Marking Services

Faces graphiques Industrie aerospatiale




Serigraphie industrielle Agriculture




Faces graphiques Appareils


Serigraphie industrielle Militaire


Nous imprimons sur vos pieces

We Can Engrave On Your Existing Parts!

Do you have parts or casings that need to be permanently identified? We offer laser marking and engraving services on existing parts.

We Are UL & Intertek Certified

We have the certifications you need to ensure that your nameplates meet the rigorous standards of your industry.