About Us

Idenco specializes in the production of metal nameplates and has been recognized in the aerospace industry for its industrial identification solutions for over 40 years. A member of Canva Group for many years, Idenco is the benchmark for identification in the manufacturing sector.

Industries Served By Idenco

Idenco is the #1 reference for aeronautical, military, medical and agricultural manufacturers when it comes to supplying customized, durable nameplates.

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Our Most Popular Products

We specialize in the production of customized nameplates for the manufacturing industry.

Plaque numero de serie et code barres

Serial Number & Barcode Plates

Turn any equipment or machine into a traceable item with customized metal plates featuring serial numbers or barcodes.

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Plaques commemoratives

Commemorative Plaques

Mark important dates, pay tribute to exceptional people and inaugurate your spaces with high-quality wall-mounted commemorative plaques.

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Our Services

In addition to experienced, attentive customer service, we offer a range of services to meet the printing needs of leading manufacturers.

Gravure et marquage

Engraving & Marking

We offer several durable solutions for marking and engraving information on your industrial nameplates in aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

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Serigraphie sur metal

Screen Printing On Metal

Choose screen printing to include vibrant, resistant colors in your nameplates.

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This aluminum seals the printed information inside the anodic layer, giving it unsurpassed resistance to corrosion, UV rays, temperature and chemicals.

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Decoupe laser

Laser Cutting

Choose this service for fast, precise cutting.

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Gestion des inventaires

Inventory Management

Take advantage of our decal supply service to save space while maintaining delivery flexibility.

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Enhance the identification of your rooms and spaces and maintain compliant signage by adding Braille.

We Are UL & Intertek Certified

We have the certifications you need to ensure that your nameplates meet the rigorous standards of your industry.