Nameplate Printing On Metalphoto®

(Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum)

Choose Metalphoto® printing for plates with indestructible lettering.

Discover The Advantages Of Metalphoto®, The Toughest Identification Material On The Market!

When you need a material that can withstand the harshest environments and still be legible, Metalphoto® is the ideal choice.

Garanti pendant 20 ans

Guaranteed For 20 Years

This product has been tested and proven to last over 20 years while meeting the most demanding specifications.

Ideal pour l utilisation

Ideal For Outdoor Use

This printing method is highly resistant to UV rays, corrosion and temperature changes.

Serigraphie sur metal Precision

Unrivalled Precision

Printing in the anodic layer of aluminum offers very high resolution, making the information more precise than on any other plate.

Decalques et etiquettes Options personnalisees


You can decide on the size, shape, information and even add a few colors.

For Which Products Does Idenco Recommend Metalphoto®?

Plaques didentification industrielle

Industrial Nameplates

Our anodically printed nameplates have been tested and approved for outdoor use, and will withstand years of weathering.

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Faces de boitiers de controle

Control Box Front Panels

The strength and clarity of prints on photosensitive aluminum make them an ideal choice for control box faces that are used several hours a day in harsh environments.

Plaque commemorative

Commemorative Plaques

Ultra-resistant Metalphoto commemorative plaques let you mark recognition and pay tribute to influential people without deteriorating over the years.

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Materiel prefere des industries

The Material Of Choice For The Most Demanding Industries!

Metalphoto® printing has earned the trust of leading organizations in the aeronautics, equipment manufacturing and military sectors since its inception in 1950.

Why Is Metalphoto® So Resistant?

The information is sealed into the anodic layer of the aluminum, making it impossible to erase or scratch.

These prints are resistant to solvents, UV rays, salt, heat, thermal shock and acids.

Metalphoto Graphic ENG
Ajoutez de la couleur a vos etiquettes

Add Color To Your Metalphoto® Tags

You have the option of adding a few colors to your plates printed on photosensitive aluminum. Here are the available colors: green, purple, mauve, blue, yellow.

Metalphoto® Is Perfect For Very Small Identifications

This type of precision printing enables us to supply you with very small plates, which can be adapted to the hardest-to-identify places on your products and machinery.

We Are UL & Intertek Certified

We have the certifications you need to ensure that your nameplates meet the rigorous standards of your industry.