Laser Cutting Service For Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Take advantage of Idenco’s expertise and state-of-the-art equipment for precise cutting of your aluminum and stainless steel nameplates.

Customized Industrial Laser Cutting Advantages

Find out how laser cutting will optimize the production of your parts.

Clavier a membrane Prototypage rapide


Compared to traditional cutting, laser cutting is faster, with fewer production steps and therefore shorter lead times.

Serigraphie sur metal Precision


The extreme precision of our equipment enables us to meet and exceed your industry’s most demanding standards.

Etiquettes domes Illuminez votre marque

Material consumption savings

In addition to saving material thanks to its precision, laser cutting guarantees fewer rejects and fewer non-conformities.

Idenco’s Laser Cutting Specifications

Gravure et marquage


We can cut aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Gravure chimique


Our equipment enables us to cut steel and aluminum up to ⅛’’ thick.

Gravure rotative


We can cut up to 46’’ inches x 46’’ inches.

Aluminium anodise

Laser Cutting, A More Eco-Friendly Process!

Unlike rotary metal cutting, laser cutting requires no oil and produces less dust and noise, making it less harmful to the environment, and more pleasant for operators.

Industries That Benefit From Our Laser Cutting Services:

Faces graphiques Industrie aerospatiale




Serigraphie industrielle Agriculture




Faces graphiques Appareils


Serigraphie industrielle Militaire


Check Out Our Engraving Services For Your Industrial Identification!

We offer several durable solutions for marking and engraving information on your industrial nameplates in aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

Nos services Entete
Service de gravure sur plastique

We Also Offer A Plastic Engraving Service!

Need plastic nameplates? Idenco also offers laser engraving on Gravoply® and Lamicoïd® in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses.

We Are UL & Intertek Certified

We have the certifications you need to ensure that your nameplates meet the rigorous standards of your industry.