Custom Metal Barcode And QR Code Plates

We specialize in printing customized barcode labels and plates for effective traceability and inventory management solutions.

The Benefits Of #1 Supplier Barcode Plates For Manufacturers

Our expertise enables us to offer you solutions tailored to your products and activities.

Plaques code barres Tracabilite


Barcode labels can turn any equipment or machine into a traceable item, making tracking and controlling its use easy.

Decalques et etiquettes Durable


Our nameplates are exceptionally resistant to weathering and UV rays, while standing up to harsh environments and frequent use.

Serigraphie sur metal Precision


Our equipment enables clear, ultra-precise inscription of your barcodes and QR codes, guaranteeing efficient reading.

High-Performance Materials To Meet Your Industry Standards

We work with the materials most coveted by industrial engineers.

Faces de boitiers de controle

Anodized Aluminum

Robust, heat- and weather-resistant surface, easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Metalphoto 1

(Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum)

This aluminum seals the printed information inside the anodic layer, giving it unsurpassed resistance to corrosion, UV rays, temperature and chemicals.

Acier inoxydable 1

Stainless Steel

This steel is renowned for its incredible resistance to impact, corrosion and harsh environments.

You Need These Plates, Whatever Your Industry!

Traceability and inventory management are vital tasks for manufacturing companies. Let us make your life easier!

Faces graphiques Industrie aerospatiale




Serigraphie industrielle Agriculture




Faces graphiques Appareils


Serigraphie industrielle Militaire


The Best Marking Methods For Plates That Stand The Test Of Time

Choose from our marking techniques to ensure the durability of your nameplates.

Marquage Laser

Laser Marking

This method rapidly marks metal by fusing high-tech powder to leave a precise, durable black mark.

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Impression serigraphie

Screen Printing

Choose screen printing to include vibrant, resistant colors in your nameplates.

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Chemical And Rotary Etching

These two types of processes enable deeper engraving.

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Industrial Identification Solutions To Meet All Your Needs

Decalques et etiquettes Options personnalisees

Custom Nameplates

You can customize the materials, sizes, colors and shapes of your plaques.

Etiquettes code barres Rentabilite

Increase Profits By Reducing Costs

Order in large quantities to obtain competitive prices, and benefit from Idenco’s stock management service.

Clavier a membrane Prototypage rapide

Fast Production

Our equipment and large production capacity enable us to manufacture your plates quickly.

We Are UL & Intertek Certified

We have the certifications you need to ensure that your nameplates meet the rigorous standards of your industry.