Inventory Management And Storage

Entrust us with your inventory warehousing needs to free up your premises and reduce your costs. Our software and efficient team manage inventory according to your needs.

Entrust Your Inventory management To Idenco

Take advantage of our decal supply service to save space while maintaining delivery flexibility.

Gestion des inventaires Reapprovisionnement et gestion de rupture

Replenishment & Out-Of-Stock Management

Thanks to efficient stock management, we can guarantee a steady supply of labels to avoid disruption to your production.

Gestion des inventaires Relache le meme jour

Quick Release

Choose the «same day release» option to get your production line up and running quickly for your current projects.

Optimisation equipe et espaces

Optimize Your Space & Workforce

By using this service, you avoid the need for dedicated storage space and allow your team to concentrate on higher priority tasks.

Etiquettes code barres Rentabilite


Buy in bulk for competitive prices and use our free inventory management service.

This Service Is Essential, Whatever Your Industry!

Our warehousing and inventory management solution is ideal for manufacturers with periodic requirements based on annual, monthly or weekly consumption.